Thursday, August 13, 2015

Airlines Become Weight Watchers With Weigh-Ins?

Uzbekistan Airways has a special weighing machine for passengers who want to fly on their airplanes now.

Don't believe me:  UZ Airways Preflight Procedures

Now, they do promise:  "the full confidentiality of results is guaranteed."  So, no one will know what you weigh except the airline.

Taking it one step further, Samoa Airlines is weighing passengers and charging by the pound.  Look at the front page of their website.  "A world first: The Samoa Air System of pay by weight ' Pay only for what you weigh'!"

I don't care if they charge me by the pound and I don't care if they announce my weight over the loudspeaker, but this feels like a serious invasion of privacy.  No other airlines weigh in passengers...yet.  Most likely, this approach will spread from airline to airline.

As the obesity crisis grows worldwide, is this a safety decision or a financial decision to weigh passengers?  Weigh in with your opinion...

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