Saturday, September 12, 2015

Refreshing Low-Cal Lemon Pepper Sandwich

Welcome to the most refreshing low-calorie sandwich and one of my new favorites: Cucumber and Tomato Lemon Pepper Sandwich...  It's filling and it's delicious.

My aunt back home in Pennsylvania makes these little treats using the small Pepperidge Farm Jewish Rye Party Bread or Pepperidge Farm Dark Pumpernickel Party Bread.  She makes them as an appetizer before a full meal.  They're refreshing and filling, yet not heavy.

So, I took that recipe and used full-sized bread to make a meal.  Talk about delicious!

I started with two pieces of toasted Ezekial 4:9 100% Whole Grain Sprouted Bread. You could use one piece of bread and make half a sandwich for calorie savings.

Using Best Foods Mayonnaise, I spread the mayo across both sides of the bread.  One serving size of mayonnaise is 1 Tbsp but I didn't come close to using that much mayo.  In fact, in order for this sandwich to taste good, no other mayo will do because it doesn't balance the taste of the cucumber.  Low-cal mayo might work but you would have to sacrifice taste.  I will sacrifice calories, but I won't abandon taste first.

Peeling and slicing a cucumber, I use about 1/4 cup of cucumber slices in the sandwich.  Then, I add slices of tomatoes.

The best part of this sandwich is mandatory: the seasoning.  For seasoning, I sprinkle the entire sandwich with Lemon Pepper.  For 1/4 tsp of Lemon Pepper the calorie count:  zero.

I added a few extra crisp slices of cucumber for decoration.

Cucumber and Tomato Lemon Pepper Sandwich:

160 calories:   2 slices Ezekial 4:9 100% Whole Grain Sprouted Bread
  90 calories:   1 Tbsp Best Foods Mayonnaise
  10 calories:  .5 cup Raw Sliced Cucumber Without Peel sliced
  16 calories:   1 whole small vine ripe tomato sliced
    0 calories:   1/4 tsp Lemon Pepper
276 calories:  TOTAL

I often think about the number of calories I have to spend each day like savings in my wallet. Now, there are a lot of choices you have to spend your 276 calories.  If you cut this sandwich in half and use one slice of bread, you lose 80 calories off the top plus you'd use less mayo.

Be creative, but don't spend your life in the kitchen.  The easier the recipes and the more filling the food, the less time I think about food because I am completely satisfied.

Enjoy your sandwich!


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