Thursday, June 18, 2015

Genius Marketing... See You Tomorrow at Kyoto Sushi

Today, I did something different.

I picked up a to-go order of sushi for lunch.

One California Sushi Roll is only 256 calories when it's cut into 8 pieces. That's a perfect sized lunch.

But what I noticed at Kyoto Sushi was more than their to-go boxes.  I noticed this T-shirt.

The girl wearing this black T-shirt is a beautiful young model. She told me about her modeling career but said she wasn't picture ready so hold off on the full picture.  But trust me, she looks like a model.

Only in Hollywood, folks... models and actresses are everywhere.

Back to my story... As a customer had finished eating his lunch and was getting up from the sushi bar to leave, this young bubbly waitress told him, "See you tomorrow!"

He laughed and said, "I wish."

I asked the customer if he went to the restaurant every day.  He said no, but he wished he could. Now, he was thinking about coming back to the restaurant tomorrow.

That little moment spun the model to do a twirl to show me the back of her shirt.  It's apparently the new motto of the restaurant.  By encouraging and reminding their satisfied customers to come back tomorrow they gently mention with a smile, "See you tomorrow!"

That is a genius marketing idea, my friends.  As a bonus, my California Roll was delicious.

So, here's my message from me to you:  See you tomorrow!

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