Tuesday, September 1, 2015

McDonald's Egg McMuffins... for Dinner?

Does this picture make you want to eat an Egg McMuffin at midnight?

Next month in October, McDonald's breakfast menu will be available all day long.  That includes their other breakfast items, too.

The Egg McMuffin just happens to be one of the few things I'll eat at McDonald's.  Really, there are only two things I'll eat at Mcee-dee's.

Egg McMuffin:  300 calories
Cost about $3.50 with tax

Ice Cream Cone:  170 calories
Cost about $1.09 with tax

It's smart marketing to attempt a wider roll out of the all-day breakfast menu.

Of course, you could make one of these little egg treats at home for fewer calories by skipping the cheese.  No extra butter.  No extra oil.  No extra grease.  No unknowns.

120 calories - one English Muffin Thomas Original
  72 calories - one poached whole large egg
  20 calories - one slice Trader Joe's Canadian Bacon

212 calories - TOTAL

Just sayin'... there are always alternatives and options to save calories when you're cooking at home, day or night!


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