Monday, July 20, 2015

Actress Judy Greer... Is Depressing Me

Up until a few moments ago, I appreciated the talents of character actress Judy Greer.  I thought she was funny.

But then I read an essay she wrote for Yahoo Beauty: What the 40? Tackling the Big Birthday as a Hollywood Actress.

Now, I'm depressed.

Is that all life is really about?  Makeup?  Looking better? Having laser treatments and chemical peels to look younger?

Instantly, I thought this must have been written by someone else so I bounced over to her book reviews on Amazon.  Her book was published in April 2015.  I read a few of the five star reviews, then I jumped to the two star and one star reviews.  I was shocked to find the lower reviews came from reviewers with the Vine Voice label or Vine Customer Review of Free Product.

I trust any reviewer with a Vine label.  They're not paid for the reviews.  They're asked for honest opinions.  And it seems that the article for Yahoo is simply a shorter version of the book.

Her book chapter titles include: How Shopping Changed My Life, Celebrities I've Peed Next To, Ashton Kutcher Gave My Dad a Harley and Random Judy Texts.

She has a great life whether she's 40 or not.  If she's going to the bathroom next to celebrities and Ashton Kutcher is gifting her father with a Harley, that's a pretty good life for anyone. Especially, when her net worth is impressive.  It doesn't seem like a co-star has much to complain about...

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