Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stop Fat Shaming Rob Kardashian at In-N-Out Burger

So, if a celebrity is depressed and overweight... it's time for the media to stalk him and take pictures of him at a fast food restaurant at 10 PM at night?

And there's video of him at this In-N-Out restaurant?

This is also my local In-N-Out Burger.

First.  No one has any idea what he ordered in the drive-thru window.

Look at the nutrition chart.

I go to In-N-Out Burger and I always get the same thing.

A Protein Style Hamburger.  It's only 240 calories.

Sometimes I splurge and get the hamburger with a bun and that's only 390 calories.

The poor guy isn't allowed to eat?  Clearly, he hasn't been out in a while because members of the media have been following him around town.  And this is probably part of the reason he is depressed. Read that headline attached to the fat shaming.  Honestly, I personally know people who are far bigger than Rob.

I ask the media: how would you like it if someone were stalking your every move?  Are you aware he recently had two friends of his family die?  He's probably grieving.  And the media is compounding that grief.

Society has become so mean spirited toward each other.

Let's have a time of kindness... and a time out for all photographers chasing Rob Kardashian.

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