Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Celeb Wardrobe Malfunction or Honesty? Girdles are BACK!

I love this photo of actress Jennifer Garner exposing a wardrobe malfunction, but also an honest take of what's really going on under celebrity clothing.

Jennifer Garner's Shapewear Exposed at Premiere: Wardrobe Malfunction

I love it that she's wearing Spanx.

Women who have children may feel they need a little extra help to look their best.  Add in the pressure on celebrities who are opening a movie, and boom:  Spanx.  Jennifer Garner looks slim and trim with or without the Spanx, but she's had three children.  No one is perfect, not even celebrity bodies.

I own Spanx and discount versions from department stores.  I think it's all fabulous and it makes a dress lay flat when you're out for a wedding or an event.  Do you remember what women used to look like without shapewear?

My mother and I both wore these products under our dresses for a recent family wedding.

"We used to call these girdles back in the day," my mother said.

Girdles.  Yes, these products are really just oversized, longer girdles.

Well, I'm here to admit - I love girdles!  Put 'em on and be proud!

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