Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Standing Desk: For Weight Loss and Posture

This is my hope for my birthday.

I hope someone buys me a standing desk.

Some are more expensive than others, but they're all over Amazon and they're available for purchase today.

My posture is terrible and that came from years of sitting behind a desk playing secretary at film studios.  I loved the work and the people, but sitting behind a desk destroyed my posture.

I was hunched over so badly, a famous actress came into the office one day and told me that pilates could fix my spine and my posture.  I took her words harshly but not her advice.  The standing desk didn't even exist back then so what were my choices?  I had to work to pay my bills and a regular standard, old-fashioned desk was the desk they gave me for my work.  Besides that, I couldn't afford some expensive pilates trainer that she was able to afford.

Well, times have changed.  Now, the standing desk is affordable.  There are choices from low prices into the thousands of dollars.  This version in the picture from Amazon is $350.

One woman loves her standing desk at work.  And for writers who work out of the house, doesn't the standing desk seem like a brilliant idea for good health?  If it improves your posture and decreases obesity, heart disease and diabetes, everyone should use a standing desk.  If you think you wouldn't like it, read up on it.  Everyone says they get used to the standing desk.  Read all of the reviews on Amazon.  Verified buyers love the standing desk.

Happy Birthday to me... I'm hoping for a standing desk.

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